Gilgal Gazette Monday

Levi Tribe Bio

Levi is a tribe that lives to encourage each other. We really love the memory verses and our flag, even though we sometimes forget it in the dining hall. Sydney loves the food at camp, and she learned Gaga ball this year. Penina’s favorite part of camp is swimming in the pool on hot days. Kaelee plays softball at home, and she really likes the wish-bang-zip game. Naomi really loves sports, especially running and doing flips. Rachel loves to sing and especially loves tabernacle. Hannah dances ballet at home, and her favorite part of camp is tribe time. Levi’s tribe leaders are Watson and Cookie, who love F.O.B. and talk to each other in ASL (American Sign Language) when trying to confuse the campers about the schedule. Even though the ladies of Levi are very different, we all get along great.

Pool Time

Penina S., age 11

Tribe of Levi

For pool time, you get an option of swimming or playing games, such as table tennis or air hockey in the game room. Pool time is about an hour. Pool time is valuable to me because on the days we are allowed to go into the pool, the weather is hot. On days like that the pool water is very refreshing. The pool goes 7 feet deep at the deepest point in the pool. Pool time is awesome!


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