Gilgal Gazette Monday

Movie Night

Ephraim L., age 9

Tribe of Judah

Movie Night is when we bring our sleeping bags into the mishkan and then we watch the movie. During the movie they will pause the movie and we will get snacks. The movie we watched this year is “How to Train your Dragon.” Now I want to watch number two. My favorite snack is gold fish, Doritos, toffee, and Fanta. It was a great movie. We always have service before movie night. We talked about the kings of Israel and I liked the speech.


Rachel H., age 10

Tribe of Levi

If you’re one of those people that wants a nap every day, then you’re favorite activity at Camp Gilgal will be F.O.B. F.O.B. stands for Flat On Bunk. During this period all campers must stay in their bunk-room and be silent. You can either curl up under your covers and sleep, us a flashlight and read a book, or (if you’re lucky) your tribe leaders will let you play a game. Most of my cabin mates think that F.O.B. is unnecessary, but I think that F.O.B is just what everyone needs.


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