Gilgal Gazette Monday

Mad Science

Hannah K., age 11

Tribe of Levi

This year one of my activities was mad science. My favorite experiment was putting Mentos in Diet Coke. When the Mentos were dropped in the Diet Coke it exploded!! Geysers look similar but work differently. Geysers are made up of hot steam. The steam mixes with the water and explodes up! If you ever go to camp, sign up for Mad Science!

Tribe of Judah

Erik A., age 10

Tribe of Judah

Our tribe “Judah” is the best and called awesome. The reasons why we’re the best is because we’re the most improved tribe. Our tribe has 4 campers and 2 staff. The main leader is the “Awesome Strider.” Really he is awesome! The ATL is the magnificent Hiccup. The 4 campers’ names are Erik, Shai, Daniel, and Ephraim. All the reasons why the Tribe of Judah is cool is that we’re smart, clean, and organized. We are all very good at sports and talents. And we’re friendly. This is why we’re the best tribe!!!!!


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