Gilgal Gazette Monday

Tribe Time

Penina S., age 11

Tribe of Levi

Tribe time is about spending time with your tribe. Your tribe is who you share a cabin with. For tribe time, you get 5 different choices, since there are 5 different tribe times. Your 5 choices are archery, rock wall, team-building initiatives/ropes course, boating, and one tribe time where you get to choose whatever you want to do. Most girls like to use their free tribe time for any Shabbat preparations. You do each tribe time activity at least once. Tribe time activities are to be done together with your tribe. Everyone has to participate. The decisions are made by everyone in your tribe and if there is disagreement, you can always compromise. Tribe time is totally awesome, and it is really fun to spend time with your tribe. It’s also fun to do different activities with other campers that are around your age! Have fun!

Mission Impossible

Daniel C., age 9

Tribe of Judah

Mission Impossible is fun because the counselors try to find you with flashlights and if they spot you, you have to go back to the cabin and then you start over and you find clues and you have to do all this crazy stuff. PLUS you’re acting like a spy in black clothes and I like how you have to act like an army soldier and you can blend into the dark and that’s why I love Mission Impossible. I can’t wait for Mission Impossible because it is so fun and it’s my favorite thing about Camp Gilgal.


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