Gilgal Gazette Monday

Gilgal Gazette

Penina S.

Tribe of Levi

The Gilgal Gazette is used to share some of the campers’ experiences with the rest of our community and others. For the Gilgal Gazette, you write about your favorite activities of camp. I like the Gilgal Gazette because it is fun to write about your experiences. Writing for the Gilgal Gazette also helps you get to the Gilgal party at the end of camp. You better write an article for the awesome Gilgal Gazette. Right now, you are reading an article about some writing for the Gilgal Gazette. Ha-ha!

The Game Room

Josiah O., age 11

Tribe of Benjamin

The game room is awesome. There is foosball, Air Hockey, Table Tennis, and snack SHACK! I personally think the snack shack is the best so I will tell you about it first. At the snack shack you are able to get candy, ice cream, and soda and even Root beer floats! And then we came to foosball, if you are a champion don’t play against Elrond (he’s a counselor). Then there’s air hockey where you want to win and table tennis does not appeal to me. Otherwise the game room is AWESOME!

The end.


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