Gilgal Gazette Monday


Josiah O., age 11

Tribe of Benjamin

Gaga pit is an awesome game. A counselor throws a ball in the gaga pit and everybody shouts GA-GA-GA as the ball bounces and thus the game begins. The point of this game is to hit the ball with your hands and try to hit somebodies legs from their waist down to get them out. The last person standing wins. The materials needed are six picnic tables, a ball, and at least 10 people. Flip the picnic tables sideways into the shape of a hexagon to make the pit and start playing. HAVE FUN!

Swim Time

Eliana W., age 10

One of my favorite time of the day is swim time. We swim almost every day after lunch. My favorite thing to do is try to get Hiccup’s sunglasses which is so much fun. I usually swim for about an hour and a half. I also like to swim laps which is also fun. You should go to Camp Gilgal to swim and have lots of fun.


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