Gilgal Gazette Monday

Benjamin Bio

Josiah O., age 11

Tribe of Benjamin

The tribe of Benjamin rocks. Our tribe includes 5 campers and 2 counselors. The tribe leaders are awesome. Elrond and Taco. Elrond is filled with fun and silliness and Taco is super strong, cool and kind but I’m sure he doesn’t taste like a taco. Or campers consist of Gavin, who is silly, Trent, who likes to sleep, Asher, who is always playing sports, Elliot, who likes playing games, and then there’s me and I’m sure I like everything about camp. We all eat a lot and like to crack jokes during FOB (Flat On Bunk.) we are all awesome and probably are coming back next year.

Reuben Bio

Hi we are the tribe of Reuben!

We have so much fun in the tribe of Reuben. We sing, dance, laugh, and make jokes! We love Camp Gilgal. We have to make a flag and our flag looks good. We have a flower with a Jewish star/Star of David in the middle of the flower and we all made our own flowers and wrote our names and we bring the flag to Breakfast, Dinner, and tabernacle. Tabernacle is when we sing about God and how wonderful he is and then Twister or Red Sox tells us a story in the Bible. The people in the tribe of Reuben are Eliana, Netanya, Alana, and Halie. The counselors are Ruski and Sitruce. They are great counselors.


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