Teen Camp Moves Fast

Wow! Second last full day of camp, just like that… But it happens this way every year.

We started the day on Wednesday with Men’s & Ladies’ day – a time for the campers to ask questions about life, faith, Jewish identity, etc. It’s one of the things I would classify as “important” for the teens – it may be one of the few places where they can ask their questions, with anonymity, and hear biblical answers from role models.

Wednesday after lunch we left for our camp out. We drive up into the Adirondacks for a night of camping before we go white water rafting.

The camping was fantastic – no rain and few mosquitos. Last year the mosquitos were so bad we had to surrender, and retreat to our tents early. This year, we finished dinner, made s’mores, had a campfire discussion (the topic of which was parents and how to communicate with them), and then watched the stars for a bit before retiring to our tents. Perfect!

The white water rafting was amazing, as always! It’s so much fun! I was in a raft with campers that were all at their first session of teen camp. I love the looks on their faces riding through the rapids.

We drove back to camp, unpacked, showered and settled in for a movie. Great way to finish a great day.

– Twister



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