End of Junior Camp – 1st Reflection

What a blessing! What a joy! I’m writing from the bus on the way back to NYC/NJ/DC. It’s hard to believe how full these last two weeks have been, and how quickly they went by. My deep apologies to you parents that we did not post more. It’s hard to keep up with the pace of camp.

What can I say about this session of camp? It was a small camp, only 19 campers. But I’ve learned over the years, that small camps can be some of the best. You have a flexibility with a smaller group than you do with a larger group. For example, on Canada Day (July 1st for you, my American friends), some of our neighbors set off fireworks right as the campers were getting ready for bed. They were so huge! I ran through the camp and gathered everyone to the picnic tables in the field to watch, disturbing the “getting ready for bed” routine. Everyone laid on the tables waiting…. and waiting and waiting. No more fireworks. Instead we had about 10 minutes of quiet time watching the stars altogether. It was a memorable night. I caught myself thinking, “Huh. I don’t think I would have done that with a larger camp.”

Even though we were a small group, God worked in big ways in the lives of everyone involved. I will be praying for the campers going home to keep growing in their faith, that it will become more and more their own, and that they will have the love and boldness to share their faith in the Messiah with family and friends alike.

– Twister


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