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WWW: What is it? Why should you come? Why aren’t you registered yet?

What is it?
Camp Gilgal Wonderful Winter Weekend (WWW) is an awesome camp get together February 7-9, 2014 for young Jewish believers in Y’shua (Jesus). The weather outside might be frightful or at least frightfully cold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun, and even still have camp! It is for campers both veteran and new between the ages of 7-17 (if they’ll turn 7 by the summer). Part camp reunion, part winter retreat, the time flies by! There will be games, hang outs, and Bible teaching times that are specifically geared for elementary/middle schoolers and high schoolers separately and times were we are all together as the Camp Gilgal East family. We’ll hang out in the gym, and if it snows be prepared for some incredible sledding!

Why should you come?

If you’ve been before, you know that WWW is a great way to get some camp in without having to wait until July to see all of your friends. This weekend will be what you’ve experienced before, but we’ll play some new games and things will be structured differently. Commit to spending a weekend in God’s word encouraged to go home with a strengthened and emboldened faith.

If this is your (or your child’s) first Camp Gilgal event, WWW is the perfect way to test out being away from home. It goes by incredibly fast (dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday), but we’re able to pack a ton in! You’ll get to meet many of the staff and campers and get a sneak peak into Camp Gilgal life and fun. We’ll celebrate shabbat and havdalah and spend time over the weekend diving into a Psalm. Camp Gilgal WWW is a lot of fun, a chance to fellowship with other young Jewish believers, and an encouraging time to learn and hear from God’s word.

Why aren’t you registered yet?
If you’re ready, registering is as easy as clicking here! You can see all the information and details for summer camp at campgilgal.com . If you have questions or need more information please email campgilgaleast@jewsforjesus.org or call Twister or RedSox at 212-683-7077.