From the vault, here’s some vintage Gazette! In this article, 11 year old camper Anonymous writes about how much she loves worship. This year she was able to lead the worship team at camp and did a fantastic job!


By 11-year-old-camper Anonymous (aaaawwww) (2008)

anonymous and cabin
Tribe of Levi, led by Streetlight and Chickpea, with campers Bologna, Anonymous, Nemo and Violetta. 2008.

This year, the thing that really touched me was the “worship group” even with Streetlight’s sore throat and a new violinist (AKA Chickpea). Sometimes I was in a sour mood, but when I heard the worship team, it made me feel better. It usually made me feel closer to God. Tabernacle is comprised of a few songs and a message. Even though the message is always good, I really connect and enjoy the music most. The worship team consists of Reptar, Streetlight, Chickpea, and Tauros. I love the worship team!


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