2 Corinthians 9

What is the big idea of this chapter in 1-2 sentences?

Verses 1-5: The Corinthians are called out (positively) for being eager to help. What are ways that this can be demonstrated?

Who are people that you are eager to help? Who are people who are eager to help you? Why is this important?

How can you be one of those ‘eager to help’ people for someone unexpected this week?

What are things that you have been called out/noticed for? What would you like to be called out/noticed for?

Look at verse 5. How can a gift be grudgingly given? How does this change the gift or how it is given/received?

Verses 6-15: What does it communicate that we believe about God’s goodness and generosity when we are stingy or slow to share? Is this something that you think the Bible encourages or endorses (give proof if it is)?

We can be generous because God has been generous with us. What are things that God has given (either to people generally or to you specifically)? What is/what should be our response to generosity like this?

In what areas of your life do you need to ask God to make you more generous?

In verse 15 what do you think that the indescribable gift is?

Think about the best gift that you have ever received. Why was it the best? Who gave it to you? How did you feel? Now think about God’s gifts to us. How do they compare? How are they the same/how are they different? Take some time and reflect and journal about God’s great gifts to us and how your life can be lived this week as a better response to God’s great gifts to you.


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