2 Corinthians 8

What would you say the big idea is in 1-2 sentences?

Verses 1-15: this is a larger chunk, but the verses are related to one another. What is Paul talking to them about and encouraging them to demonstrate?

Why is generosity important? How does Paul explain the generosity of Y’shua?
What are things that you can be generous with that aren’t money? When are times where it is easy to be generous? When are times where it is hard?

In verses 16- 24 one of the things that Paul talks about is proving to the Corinthians that Titus is trustworthy of being the messenger that carries the gift. What does it mean to be found trustworthy?

What are areas of your life where you know that you are trustworthy? How do you know?

Are the areas where you struggle to be visibly trustworthy? How can you go out of your way to be found trustworthy in these areas?

Paul ends this chapter talking about the Corinthians proving their love in a way that others can see. What does this look like? Can you think of a time where you’ve seen someone prove their love to you? Maybe it was a small thing that you don’t even remember (your parents changed a lot of diapers!) or maybe it was a big thing. Take some time and journal about it and how it affected you, then take some time and write about how you could show the love of Y’shua to someone in your life this week. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, but it might be a huge thing to someone else.


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