2 Corinthians 7

2 Corinthians 7
What would you say that the big idea of this chapter is in 1-2 sentences?
Verse 1: Paul says, “since we have these promises”—what are the promises? What does he say that we should do as a result?

From the same verse, why should we choose holiness? What is reverence? How do you show it towards God?

Verses 2-7: What does it look like to make room in your heart for someone? Who is someone that you need to make room in your heart for?

Look especially at verse 4: who are people that are an encouragement to you? In what ways are you/ can you be an encouragement to others?

In verses 6 & 7 Paul talks about comfort again. In what ways are they comforted? What are places in your life that you need comfort in this way?

Verses 8-16: what does it mean for sorrow to lead to repentance? Have you ever experienced this in your life?

Think about the before and after: what changed? What value does obedience have ( in the lives of the Corinthians) ( in your life)?

What are things that you have complete confidence in? How would you explain the confidence that Paul can take in the Corinthians?

Paul wants the Corinthians to make room in their hearts for him, but really he is looking for a greater openness in them to God and God’s direction. How would you explain/describe the percentage of your heart/life that are open to God’s direction and correction? Make a graph, draw a picture, write a paragraph—whatever will help you to explain the areas of your life where you let God have control and the areas that you hold onto yourself. Use the space below for this. Take a look at it. Is this something that you are ok/comfortable with? What is one step that you can take to be more open to God and his ways?


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